Anti-stress TV channel
A TV channel for residents of large cities living in a state of chronic stress.
"Wild nature" is aimed at:

- combating stress,
- launching the natural self-healing mechanism.

Watching "Wild nature" daily, you save energy to move forward.
Для кого
Архив записей
How we help people
How we help businesses
(Hotel and restaurant business and medical institutions)
Medical Clinics
How the profit increases with «Wild nature»
feedback from the head managers:
Supervisors note that the original atmosphere of the venue increases the average check.
Every 2nd person
knows about «Wild nature»
Features of «Wild nature»
3,270 natural locations
on the air - the result of more than
400 expeditions

98% of the content is - nature and the animal world
100% unique
author's content
New content
4 hours/month and 50 hours/year
audio track
"Sounds of nature"
Compliance with high
technical and artistic
performance requirements
Production experience
and channel delivery
since 2013
Right of
the public display
From the experience of the provider Ufanet:
The "switching" of the screens of institutions in Ufa to «Wild nature» occurred within 2 years after the launch of the channel without marketing efforts.
The managers of the institutions watched the TV channel at home and decided to turn it on in the institution.
This fact determined the use of
«Wild nature» as another advantage when selling communication services of the Ufanet in the HoReCa segment.
Igor Falelukhin
Delivering the signal
to the operator
Compression standard
Access by link
Access by link
Express AM5-140-11262V 30000-Indeto
Horizons 2-85-11800H 28800-Conax, Irdeto
About the «Wild nature» channel
from viewers
I like to watch especially at night, it helps me to relax before going to bed, I also watch it during the day when I want to take a nap. Among the advantages of the channel is that there are no ads and news - thank you very much for this!!! There are no disadvantages. It's nice to listen to the sounds of nature.
Kostroma (Megogo)
The best channel!!! For two years I have been watching it before going to bed and...I fall asleep with it!!! I can watch with pleasure "indefinitely", the same way as many people watch football or hockey, or ... The highest pleasure and relaxation!!! Thank-you to the creators of the channel!)))
Moscow (Beeline TV)
This is my favorite channel, with which I relax and gain strength for everyday work. Thank you very much for your interest in your work. This has already been appreciated by us, the viewers. Favorite channel at all times of the year!
Magun (Tsifra)
Thank you for being there! The Wild nature channel is simply amazing, I don't turn it off at all. It really calms down, I am very grateful to the creators, I wish you long, long life on TV and prosperity.
Krasnodar (Rostelecom)
What do you think about the channel
«Wild nature»
Do you have any suggestions, or maybe questions for us regarding the work of the TV channel "Wild nature"?
Write to us and you will help us become better:
Please contact us:
More than 40000 videos
of «Wild nature» for different purposes
We have accumulated a huge archive of videos from various parts of our amazing planet.
VOD-content for OTT-platforms
The series «‎Date with Nature»
Watching the series has a therapeutic effect.

Picturesque shots make you forget about stress and immerse you in a state of peace and unity with nature.

The series is the result of 8 years of filming and more than 400 expeditions! Each season of the series has 10 episodes of 30-35 minutes.
1 season
2 season
The first season of the series is dedicated to the beauty and diversity of nature at different times of the year.
The second season of the series is a picturesque journey through the nature spots of Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Thailand, France, Spain and other countries, in all the diversity of their natural landscapes.
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